Brands We Represent

We have bodies, platforms, flatbeds, hoists, and toolboxes in stock at Hoosier Trailer & Truck.

Dump Bodies

  • Bibeau

  • DuraClass

  • Industrial Tuck Beds

  • R/S - Godwin

  • Scott (Tafco)

Flatbeds (for Pickup Trucks)

  • Hillsboro


  • Omaha

  • Scott


Vendor spotlight: Bibeau Dump Bodies

Bibeau offers quality, integrity, and innovation in each dump body they supply. With unibody construction, continuous welds throughout, integrated conduit and other high-quality features, Bibeau sets the standard for performance and construction in the industry. Hoosier Trailer & Truck can provide, install and build your Bibeau dump body to your exact specifications.

Grain Bodies

  • Scott

Van Bodies

  • Morgan

  • Supreme

Service Bodies

  • Warner

  • Stahl

  • Dakot

Equipment dump Trailers

  • Pratt

  • Kruz

  • Hillsboro

Snow Equipment

  • Snow Dogg

  • Salt Dogg

  • Swensen Products

  • Sno-Way

  • Bonnell

Lift Gates

  • Leyman

  • Thieman

  • Walto

  • Maxon


vendor spotlight: snowdogg snow equipment

Versatile, powerful, and durable: that’s what makes SnowDogg plows and other snow equipment the best in the industry. It’s also why Hoosier Trailer & Truck prefers to use SnowDogg products when we outfit a variety of vehicles and trucks for the winter season. Hoosier Trailer & Truck prepares vehicles for winter all over the greater Fort Wayne area, including northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. With SnowDogg plows and SaltDogg salt spreaders, make Hoosier your first choice when it comes to preparing your fleet for winter.

Auxiliary Axles

  • Ridewell

  • Watson-Chalin

  • Hendrickson


  • Omaha

  • Champion

  • Hyva

  • Mailhot


  • Earthwise Plastics scuff boards

  • Automatic tire chains

  • Tarps & Tarp Systems

  • Hitches

  • Tool boxes

  • Van shelving

  • Cranes

  • Liners

  • Ladder racks

  • Ecco warning light systems